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Kemi is nearby, at the heart of excellent connections

Kemi, situated in Sea Lapland, in the centre of the Bothnian Arc, where is about 820 000 inhabitants. It is easy to come to Kemi and fall in love with the city: come by airplane, by train or travelling on the motorway, all roads lead to Kemi. Kemi, housing the only deepwater harbour in Lapland, is highly competent in addressing the needs of the business sector in the region. Kemi is the gate to the riches in Lapland.

Kemi facts

Date of establishment: 5.3.1869
Citizens:  (as of 31.12.2018) 21 021
Area: 747 km²
Land area: 95 km²
Parish: Kemi-Tornio
Province: Lapland
Municipal tax: 21,75 %

Trade/commerce, services, industry and cutting-edge technology

Kemi is the centre of trade and services in Sea Lapland. The paper mills Stora Enso, Metsä-Group, and the Outokumpu Corp as well as the Outokumpu Kemi Mine promote the welfare of the region. The Techno-Village Digipolis – the technology centre in Kemi, offers the latest top-quality expertise in its field for the use of the industrial sector. The rewarded city centre boasts with famously skilled dealers of special stores in the province; far-away people come for shopping in Kemi.

Opportunities for versatile education and city culture

Educational services in the region of Kemi are provided by Lappia Vocational College, Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences, the Kivalo Institute as well as the Kemi unit of the University of Lapland and the University of Oulu.
Kemi offers the cultural services of a big city: the City Theatre, the City Orchestra, the Regional Art Museum, Children’s Culture Centre, the Indoor Swimming Hall Complex and the Ice-Stadium, Indoor Football Ground, Golf Course as well as the internationally rewarded Yachting Centre, are right in the city area. The Cruise Icebreaker Sampo and the SnowCastle, the world-renowned destinations for travellers, are based in Kemi.

The most ideal place for living in Southern Lapland

Everyday life in Kemi is uncomplicated; in fact it is considered Easy Living. The compact city structure with close distances and the thorough service network ensure the possibilities to do one’s daily affairs smoothly. Living in Kemi is reasonably priced; home choices vary from a city flat right by the sea to a one-family house close to the nature with leisure time activities.

Great opportunities, faith in the future

Kemi is an energetic operating environment for companies, thanks to its excellent location and the availability of highly committed, skilled labour. The focus of Kemi is on high-quality living by the sea, surrounded by urban scenery.
The strong basic industry in the region, the service network and the ever developing tourism, ensure that the wheels of the economy in the city roll smoothly, enhancing the welfare and prosperity of the local inhabitants in the future as well.