Business development

Great opportunities, faith in the future

The experts of our business development team makes it easier for businesses in City of Kemi to start, operate, and grow by providing free services to business owners, strengthening neighborhoods and commercial districts, and linking employers to a skilled and qualified workforce.

Kemi is an energetic operating environment for companies, thanks to its excellent location and the availability of highly committed, skilled labour. The focus of Kemi is on high-quality living by the Bothnian Bay, surrounded by urban scenery.

The strong basic industry in the region, the service network and the ever developing tourism, ensure that the wheels of the economy in the city roll smoothly, enhancing the welfare and prosperity of the local inhabitants in the future as well.

It is easy to come to Kemi by airplane, by train or travelling on the motorway.  Kemi is housing the only deepwater harbour in Lapland, which is highly competent in addressing the needs of the business and tourism sector in the region. Kemi is the gate to the riches in Lapland.


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Title Name Gsm
Head of Business Department/Project manager Jukka Feodoroff +358 40 480 1067
Development coordinator – tourism and services Oili Ruokamo +358 40 662 5264

City of Kemi, Valtakatu 26, 94100 Kemi, Finland