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Kemi offers things to do and experience all year round.

During the winter time you can participate on the world-famous Icebeaker Sampo cruises, or enjoy the freezing weather in Olokolo nests , dog-safaries, forest skiing or riding a snowmobile, plus many other ways. Kemi is also the home of the world's largest SnowCastle which is reconstructed every year to a different design.

There is ice-skating and downhill sledding in the city centre of Kemi. The kiosk of the Täikkö market square is the central location; there you can rent ice skates and helmets. The activity is maintained on a trial basis until the 11th of March, but if the weather conditions are adverse the area will be closed earlier. This winter is a trial and feedback is gathered for the next winter. Involved in the activity are Kemi Factori and youth work, the business development, employment and technical services of the city of Kemi, Kalle's Burger, Kemi Lämärit, Sea Lapland Safaris and Kemitiimi. There is music at the ice rink and the equipment rental is open from Thursday to Sunday from 14 to 20 o'clock starting from January 26th. At other times you can ice-skate and downhill sled on your own, with your own equipments.


In summer there are many musical events and festivals, many of them in the inner harbour area which is the "livingroom" during the summer time. While you are at the inner harbour you can also visit the Gemstone Gallery which is proud to present a large collection of gemstones and minerals with great diversity.
Enjoy the summer breeze from the sea by paddling or taking a cruise on a beautiful traditional boat.  The Midnight Sun at Midsummer is a unique period when the sun is circling the sky above the horizon all through night and day. Discover the beauty of the Midnight Sun: Get inspired, get re-energized, get active and enjoy the summer in Kemi.

To get a full view over the city, you can visit the Panorama - café. It is located at the top floor of Kemi City Hall which is the highest building in Kemi. If you are really lucky you can even see all the way to Sweden at bright weather. And if the weather is not all that well, you can always enjoy some culture indoors at  Historical- or Art museumsKemi City Theatre or the Library .

For example at the Kemi Historical Museum, you can explore the cultural history of the region. The permanent exhibition deals with the history of Kemi and what an influence the river and sea have played on the area's culture and industry.

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