Kemi is an easy destination to reach and there are many opportunities for fishing right by the town centre!
The general recreational fishing area of Kemi continues to be a rarity. Also referred to as "the living room of the people from Kemi", the inner harbour enables many types of fishing for the price of the fisheries management fee alone. There is no need for additional fishing licences from the owners of the waters.

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More information about the fisheries management fee can be found here.

Welcome to try out your fisherman's luck!

Recreational fishing area

There is an area nearby the town of Kemi which is reserved for recreational fishing by the inhabitants and tourists. Fishing in the area marked in the map requires only the national fisheries management fee. Those who are either under 18 years old or over 65 years old are not required to pay the fisheries management fee.
Angling and ice fishing in the area is allowed without the fisheries management fee (general fishing right). 
A separate licence to organise fishing competitions in the area is not required.
Fishing with solid traps is allowed within the regulations.
The Fishing Act must be obeyed when fishing.
Read more about the rules of the recreational fishing area.


Regulations for lure fishing

The lure fishing area of the Bothnian Bay includes privately owned waters from Tornio to Simo (filled green in the map).
The licence entitles one to fish with a lure without rod regulations.
The licence does not entitle one to fish with solid traps.
The fisheries management fee is for fishers who are between the ages 18 to 64.
The licences are sold in the 4 th floor of the town hall and the price for a fee is 15 € / calendar year.
If the fishing is conducted with only one rod, it is sufficient to pay only the fisheries management fee.
Read more about the regulations concerning lure fishing.