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Kemin lyseon lukio is one of the oldest senior secondary schools in northern Finland. It is situated in the industrial town of Kemi by the Gulf of Bothnia at the mouth of the longest river in Finland only a short distance from the Arctic Circle


Kemin lyseon lukio

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The Vocational College Lappia

Lapland University of Applied Sciences


Kemi has 11 kindergartens in different parts of the town, also 14 daycare persons are nursing children at their home. For a daycare place the application must be made 4 months beforehand, unless you have just arrived to town for a work or study; then the daycare place will arrange in 2 weeks from receiving the application.

 kotisivukouvat 027
When daycare place is granted, you will be informed by e-mail.

Daycare - contact

Kaisa Rauvala, Daycare director p. 040 7418946

If you have questions about daycare, please contact:

Hannele Aalto, 040 846 2587, Takajärvi and Möylynlehto kindergartens and Syväkangas pre-school
Riitta Heinonen, 040 846 0746, Hepola, Peurasaari and Möllärinranta kindergartens
Kirsti Jaakkola, 040 832 8261, Ruutti kindergarten and daycare at home
Marja-Kaisa Seppälä, 040 746 2632, Marttala and Koivuharjun-Toivola kindergartens
Kirsti Turska, 040 746 2665, Kivikko kindergarten and daycare at home
Helena Virsu, 040 846 2373, Kaivolinna and Sauvosaari kindergartens

If you have questions about daycare fee, please contact:
Henna Kortelainen, 040 3592263

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