Metsä Group

Metsä Group - a responsible lumber industry corporation

Metsä Group is an international Finnish lumber industry corporation. Northern wood, the world's best renewable raw material is in use, which the corporation is utilising responsibly and efficiently. All the wood raw material used by the corporation is 100 % traceable.
There is a demand for products made out of renewable raw material because there is an intense competition over the resources of the planet Earth. At the centre of the entire business activity, which covers the entire value chain of the wood, are soft tissue and cooking and baking papers, paperboard, pulp, wood products and acquisition of wood and forest services. Metsä Group focuses its strong knowledge about wood and fibres into areas, in which the corporation has a clear competitive advantage and a bright future.

In addition to a great raw material, forest is also a source of plenty of renewable energy. Metsä Group is a leading producer and user of tree-based renewable energy in Finland. The use and energy efficiency of renewable energy are central ways to control climate change, but they also improve cost efficiency and competitiveness.

The cooperation of the town of Kemi and Metsä Group which relates to Kiikeli, was in 2016 encapsulated into the cooperation agreement concerning the land use of the Kiikeli area. The purpose of the agreement is to cooperate in order to develop the cultural and natural area of Kiikeli into a year-round place for the local inhabitants, visitors and other public groups to visit. Kiikeli displays the coexistence of the industry and locals in a sustainable way.

Metsä Group performed some forest management work in the Kiikeli area in the winter of 2017. The planning of the work was made in cooperation with the town of Kemi and the third sector, which are represented by the Hiilimön Erästäjät ry, the bird hobbyists of Kemi- Tornio Xenus ry and the nature conservation society of the Kemi region. Also locals were heard in a public information event in November of 2016.