What is Kiikeli at Kemi?

The outdoor recreational area of Kiikeli by the sea has for decades been an urban recreational area favoured by the people of Kemi. It is a realisation of a coexistence of the industry and the local population in a sustainable manner. Kiikeli is owned by Metsä Group, it is situated Kemi river delta area, in the south and west it is bordered by the Bothnian Bay. Metsä Group produces renewable products from northern forests that replace the use of fossil raw materials. We manage our forests sustainably, and secure their growth and nature values. We produce renewable energy and act resource-wisely. This is sustainable bioeconomy, where Metsä Group is a forerunner. Our strength continues to grow in the northern forests.

Kiikeli is a popular camping site around the year almost in the middle of the city of Kemi. Next to the observation tower at the lean-to, one can peacefully watch the flames of the campfire flicker and observe the various phenomena of nature, such as the midnight sun in the summer time and stars twinkling in the winter time. A lucky person may see the arctic northern lights from the autumn to the spring.

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What can you do and see in Kiikeli?

In the springtime the migratory birds return back to Finland and start nesting. The area is popular among bird and nature hobbyists, because in Kiikeli one may see rare birds during their migration in the spring. During early summer at the forest and the beaches, one can hear singing concerts by the birds around the clock, because there are dozens of different bird species nesting at Kiikeli. The 300 birdhouses that were set up in the spring of 2017 increase the number of birds that nest in them and therefore may increase the number of new bird species nesting in the area.

During the summer, the amazing nature of Lapland and the flowers of the different forest types are in full bloom. First are the abundant lilies and after that the yellow, globeflower known as the midsummer flower of Finland. In July the beautiful wood cranesbill beautify with glorious colours among the white cow parsley flowers. The sweet fragrance of meadowsweet takes over the paths and routes in July-August.
In autumn, one can pic berries and mushrooms in Kiikeli according to the everyman's right.

More information about the everyman's right klick here.

In Kiikeli one can trek by walking, running, bicycling, snow shoeing or skiing. A sausage roasted at the lean-to campfire and other food are the highpoint of one to two hour trip to a outdoor recreation area.

The area is freely accessible.  


What's new in Kiikeli?

The attraction is developed in cooperation with the town of Kemi, Metsä Group and members of the third sector in order to become a year-round, unobstructed refreshment and nature destination. The existing nature paths have been named, guided and narrated in a way that the unique history and present day is easily verified by using modern technology.

The observation tower that was built in Kiikeli in 2017 acts as a central place in the outdoor recreation area.  A year-round, unobstructed outdoor path of Kiikeli (1.2 km) leads there.
During the snowless period there are short and easily traversed paths (0.5 km-3.0 km) in the nearby local forest, that lead to the observation tower of Kiikeli and the lean-to by the sea. Amazing views into the arctic Bothnian bay and the urban landscape can be viewed from the tip of the Kiikeli also with online-cameras. Marine nature and many different types of Finnish forest types can be experienced around the year.
There is also a free WiFi- connection near the observation tower.
The attraction is well suited for everyone who enjoys nature, quiet and outdoor exercise, also those who have a baby buggy or a wheelchair around the year.
Kiikeli acts as an environmentally aware learning place and recreational attraction for the children and youth of the area.

Meanings of the word Kiikeli

”Kiikeli, a former island, has presumably gotten its name from Swedish and it has existed in the forms Kekell (1573), Kikell (1575) ja Kijkeli (1615). Kiikeli is a temporary fishing place of fishers and seal hunters (Jouko Vahtola). The word Kiikeli has also been attached to words in Finnish that begin with "kiikk", like for example kiikkua and kiikkerä. The word could then mean a certain type of motion of the waves across a shallow area as a sign of a good fishing place. (Ritva Toropainen)” 
Source: Jatuli XXXI, Soinila.


See the routes and paths of Kiikeli

There are many routes and paths in Kiikeli that combine into the circle route (3.1 km). Unobstructed, year-round, outdoor path from the Kiikeli bridge extends to the tip of Kiikeli (1.2 km), from where one can continue to the route of Kiikeli (0.8 km) or back through the Snellman nature path (0.5 km). One can continue the journey over the bridges of Sopula into the starting point of the journey by the Kiikeli bridge. The shortest route is a year-round, unobstructed outdoor route from the starting point to the tip of Kiikeli, back and forth 2.4 km.

Check the weather in Kiikeli

Are you planning a trip to Kiikeli in the near future?
Now you can check the weather forecast in a practical way before your journey from the weather station at Kiikeli.

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