The third year students celebrate their last day at school by getting dressed in the most imaginary ways and giving feedback filled with humour to younger students and teachers. The whole school takes part in this fun day in mid February. One of the highlights of the day is watching the video made by the students during several months of their last term.

The day finishes with all the third year students having a drive on the back of a lorry through the town whilst making them both seen and heard to the public. After all the fun they start to concentrate on the upcoming matriculation test.

The following day, after the third year students have left school, is the day for the second year students to celebrate their status as the senior students of the school. This they do in a sophisticated way by getting dressed in lovely dresses and handsome suits.

During the day they show their skills in ballroom dancing in three performances the main one taking place in the local sport hall in the evening and attracting hundreds of spectators to the glamorous spectacle. The dances have been well learned during one of the physical education courses.

Graduation day is the highlight for every student and their families. It terminates the 12-13 years in the school system which started at the age of seven, and opens the doors to the world of choices for further education.

The white cap received on the graduation day symbolizes the passed matriculation test which consists of a minimum of four compulsory subjects to a maximum of 12 subjects.
The last school day before the break for Christmas holidays is worth celebrating. The way of celebration varies from year to year, but is always planned and realized in cooperation between students and teachers. Along the years the event has taken place e.g. in a church, in Kemi Theatre, in a local music hall and outdoors in a candle lit park.

Other events during the school year are more informal. One of the popular events is the day of bands when the young musicians of the school sing and play, often music composed by themselves, during breaks between lessons. This day has taken its place just before a couple of days´ break in the middle of the autumn