Kemin lyseon lukio is a senior secondary school which continues the rounded education of the 9 year long compulsory education given at the comprehensive school. The Finnish model of rounded education has resulted in top placements in the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) which has attracted school officials from several countries to come to Finland to familiarize with the Finnish school system.

Our school provides a gateway to the academic studies at universities or polytechnics. The aim of the education is not only to provide the student with the necessary abilities for further education, but also to support the student to mature into a responsible, tolerant and cooperative person. It also encourages students to think critically and to adapt the idea of lifelong learning. Students are supported to take responsibility of their studies, choices and doings.

The national matriculation examination is the final goal for all the students and terminates the studies at the senior secondary school.  The majority of our students are aged from 16 to 19 years and pass the studies in three years. There is also adult education available in the evenings for mature students, as well as studies for immigrants. Kemin lyseon lukio is also in the front row of providing courses and teaching in the distance learning not only for own students but also for students in different schools, or even in different countries.

We take studying seriously, but occasionally we like to have days that are different from the normal school routine, like visiting artist giving performances or lecturers talking about interesting issues, or just having a fun theme to follow e.g. in a dressing code.