In situations that pose an immediate danger to someone’s life or health, always call the emergency telephone number 112. Kemi’s large industrial plants, its location in a busy traffic hub and the proximity of the Swedish border pose many challenges to Sea Lapland's Emergency Care and Rescue services.

The Länsi-Pohja Healthcare District has offered emergency care services autonomously since 2013. The region includes Kemi, Keminmaa, Simo, Tervola, Tornio and Ylitornio.

There is a total of 8 therapeutic level units and a field management unit that provide round-the-clock standby services to approximately 61,000 local residents. The emergency care field director working in the field management unit is responsible for managing practical operations in the entire area. There is also one additional basic unit operating in the area, which mainly operates on weekdays. 

Kemi’s emergency care centre is located in the immediate vicinity of the Länsi-Pohja Central Hospital and it functions as the nerve centre of all activities. During office hours, you can find the head of emergency care, the chief emergency physician and the head nurse there. You can, of course, also find the paramedics and on-call field manager of Kemi’s emergency care units at the emergency care centre.

Both specialised medical care and primary municipal health care are centrally managed by Sea Lapland’s Central Hospital in Kemi.

There is a lot of industry in Sea Lapland and close to the Swedish border. There is close cooperation between the border municipalities Tornio and Haaparanta, and Ylitornio and Övertorneå. Around 14 million border crossings are registered in Tornio every year which comes up to about 38,300 per day.