School Health Care

School health care continues the long-term monitoring of children’s health that is first carried out at child health clinics. School health care monitors children’s growth and development and provides advice and support. Pupils receive the vaccinations they need and they are referred to a doctor, physiotherapist or other specialist if necessary.

First, fifth, and eighth grade students go through a medical check-up both with a nurse and a doctor. These check-ups are therefore extensive and pupils’ guardians are also invited to participate. If necessary, family support measures can be discussed at the meeting. Teachers give feedback on students’ study progress as part of the extensive health check.

Students can go to the nurse’s office without an appointment during school-specific office hours. Office hours are published in the school bulletin and on the door of the nurse’s office.

School health care does not include actual medical care, except for first aid and care, which is offered to students that fall ill suddenly at school or suffer an accident.

School nurses are experts in the mental and physical health of schoolchildren. School nurses also act as contact persons between the school and parents. School nurses can and should be contacted also outside health check-ups, especially regarding issues related to coping and mental health.

School Vaccinations

Pupils receive various vaccinations through school health care which provide protection against, for example, chickenpox, diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. Girls also get the HPV or human papillomavirus vaccination.

School nurses can be contacted through Wilma.

Student Health Care

Student health care is intended for high school students at Kemi Lyceum and those studying at the Lappia Vocational College and the Lapland University of Applied Sciences. 

Students can go to the nurse’s office without making an appointment beforehand within office hours determined individually in each institution. Reception hours are available on this website, on the school’s website and on the door of the nurse’s office. At other times, students have to make an appointment.

New students should go through a health check during their first academic year. Students can also book an appointment for a health check themselves.

An appointment can be set up regarding issues related to study ability, mental health, substance abuse problems, contraception and other sexual health, and vaccinations.