The Sea Lapland Music Institute is a school where children and young people living in Kemi, Keminmaa, Simo, Tervola and Tornio can gain a basic art education through an extensive music curriculum.

In addition to teaching, the institute organises dozens of concerts across Sea Lapland every year. The Sea Lapland Music Institute is a vibrant high-quality institute that we are genuinely proud of!

The Sea Lapland Music Institute was founded in 1967. 69 locals enrolled at the Institute during the first year. Students from Tornio were admitted to the Music Institute for the first time in the academic year 1969–70, while Keminmaa and Simo joined in the academic year 1971–72, and Tervola in the academic year 1974–75. In 1974-75, 313 students enrolled at the Institute. Now there are 442 students studying music and singing at the institute.

A music playschool was set up in the institute in the academic year 1973-74. 67 students enrolled in the first semester. Now there are about 360 students enrolled in the music playschool.