We are pragmatic, firm, constructive and honest, while maintaining a good spirit. Our official communications are friendly and based on facts. 

Our pragmatism doesn’t stop us from being proud members of the Kemi population. We know our town, population and reality. 

Kemi Council publishes communications through various channels; its website, social media, bulletins, media newsletters, and information boards. We also consider it important to meet people face to face at events and happenings. We support and take care of each other.

Emperor Alexander II, who founded Kemi in 1869, and his wife Maria Alexandrovna, still watch over us. The couple get together with the locals several times a year. 

For example, every year on September 11, the Emperor and Empress serve coffee to locals at the Cultural Centre to celebrate Alexander Day. The photo on this page was taken at this year’s Alexander Day celebration at the Cultural Centre.

Uncomplicated and Green Town

In Kemi you will notice a sense a northern determination, gutsiness, directness, and a creative ability to sail upwind and forge an independent path. Kemi’s inhabitants have survived major structural changes. 

The new greenness is not just a sticker on the council’s logo or the colour of the season; Kemi is a responsible and green town that is driven by ecological, economic, cultural and social sustainability.

Kemi wants to be a pioneer in the circular economy practice, for example. The aim is to become Finland’s greenest city. A town’s green choices should be visible even in their smallest and most mundane decisions.