Ski Tracks

Every winter, Kemi Council grooms about 100 kilometres of ski trails, of which about 27 kilometres are illuminated, in Kemi’s residential areas and the town’s surroundings. Some of the tracks are connected to the ski trail network of neighbouring municipalities.  

The trails are lit from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. and they run over varying terrains, offering comfortable exercise opportunities for both fitness and hiking enthusiasts. Along the ski trails, there are information boards, signs, mileage poles, and logbooks, where you can record your exercise performance and rest places. 

During the late winter, ‘sun trails’ are also groomed over the shimmering snowfields of the Bay of Bothnia. The winter sun trails over the sea ice off Kemi have become a favourite for those interested in healthy living. There are several bivouacs on the islands off the coast of Kemi in the midst of the numerous sun trails. 

There is a logbook at the Selkäsaari ski lodge and several resting places and bivouacs along the trails. The sun trails are not lit.  

The locations of Kemi’s trails and skating rinks on the map and their current state are automatically updated in the council’s maintenance data.  

Skating Rinks and Sled Hills

Kemi’s exercise services maintain dozens of skating rinks across the town. There is a full-size ice hockey rink in Hepola and a touring skating track in Pajarinranta. There is also an ice hockey rink in the Sauvosaari Sports Park. 

Kemi has two sled hills: one in Junko and one in Ristikangas.