There are bivouacs in Kemi both on the mainland near exercise routes and in the lush archipelago of the Gulf of Bothnia. 

Bivouacs can be used as a stop-off point during boat, skiing or hiking trips, for example. They are open all year round. 

At the bivouacs, you can cook sausages or tikkupulla (buns on a stick), or make coffee over the campfire. Bivouacs can be found along the Pertajärvi fitness trail, at the Ajos fishing harbour, and in Juurakko, Syväleto, Selkäsaari, Satamakangas, Kiikeli and Laitakari. 

Mies sahaa polttopuuta laavulla.

Lauri Tirkkonen saws firewood in a shed on the Takajärvi fitness trail in September 2019. PHOTO: NINA SUSI