Are you looking for new adventures or do you thrive off cultural events? Kemi is a well-known cultural hub where culture is available for everyone at all times!  

Kemi’s museums and art exhibitions offer you wonderful art experiences and a chance to travel to Kemi’s fascinating past. The Town Theatre of Kemi offers high-quality, varied and interesting performances. If you enjoy music, Sea Lapland’s String Quartet offers exquisite concerts and performances. The Sea Lapland Music Institute offers local children and young people basic art education organised within an extensive music curriculum. 

In the bright and spacious library, you can find plenty of books for both education purposes and pleasure. Dozens of events and exhibitions are organised at the library every year.  

The Children’s Cultural Centre offers creative activities and events for children and families with children, while the council offers activities for young people through their youth work services. 

Annual events such as Kemi Arts Night and the Easy Living in Kemi festival week complete the local cultural scene. Also, private companies, organisations and local artists and musicians organise several musical and cultural events each year, including Pakkasukkoblues, Satama Open Air, Run to 60´s, a Venetian festival, the Kauppamaraton shopping marathon, an annual fish market, a European film weekend and a Finnish fine arts day.