A total of 39 students registered at Kemi Lyceum during its first autumn semester in 1897. The school had three teachers. Now the school has 350 students and 30 teachers.

The active and friendly personnel at the lyceum respect and support their students. Each student builds a personal and unique study path for themselves with the help of a tutor.

Kemi Lyceum provides its students with excellent capabilities to continue on their study path after they leave the lyceum. The lyceum offers is a diverse study curriculum. Students select 75 courses required for the matriculation exam out of over 230 courses.

You can study Swedish, English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Japanese as foreign languages.

Students may also complete an arts and crafts sixth form diploma, for which they get a separate certificate.

International projects and visits are common at the lyceum, where there are also plenty of animated student and student-tutor activities. The school year includes many events and celebrations such as band day, LUMA week, independence party, Christmas party, old dances and ‘penkkarit’, a celebration of final year upper secondary school students. The student board also often organises fun theme days.

The lyceum offers great opportunities for students to reconcile their studies and hobbies. Study points can be obtained for some hobbies.