Kemi is a spacious town. Its streets are wide and there are many cycle paths and well-maintained parks. There is room for everyone: joggers, children, dogs, event organisers.

Kemi Railway Station

Kemi’s railway station is located in the city centre. Its distance from Helsinki railway station via the Haapamäki and Oulu stations is 858 kilometres.

Kemi’s location on the main railway line means it has a busy station. All passenger trains travelling along the line stop at Kemi station. Kemi is an important nucleus of train travel. The lines to Rovaniemi, Tornio and on to Kolari diverge slightly north of Kemi. Also, there is a side track to Outokumpu’s Elijärvi mine that diverges from the same point.

A great deal of freight transport passes through Kemi. From Kemi railway station there are side tracks leading to Stora Enso’s Veitsiluoto factories and the Ajos port, as well as to Metsä Group’s factories.

The station building was designed by Bruno Granholm, an architect working for the Finnish Rail Administration. The building was completed in 1903. 

The station area includes dozens of old buildings hosting different businesses, such as cafés that open daily and a boutique hotel.

Kemi-Tornio Airport

The Kemi-Tornio airport serves business travellers as well as tourists travelling to southern Lapland. Many tourist destinations in the Kemi and Tornio regions can be reached easily from the airport as there are excellent transport connections.

Located close to the border, Kemi also gets many visitors from Sweden.

The airport was first opened in 1939 and it is located about five kilometres north of the town centre.