The Laitakari island is located just off the coast of Kemi. It offers a wonderful combination of untouched nature, park-like areas and diverse cultural remnants. 

In the past, there also used to be about 300-400 people living on the island. Nowadays, Laitakari is a popular tourist and recreational destination, as it has many interesting things to see, including a diverse terrain and ruins that stick out from the vegetation. The island also has two bivouacs where you can cook sausages over the campfire and enjoy a picnic. 

Kemi’s first sawmill was located in Laitakari. It operated from 1862 to 1939. 

Purjelaiva saaren laiturissa.
Sailing ship Katariina in Laitakari at Rauhanlahti pier in July 2019. PHOTO: PENTTI KORPELA