There are some guest berths in the Uléninranta Marina in the inner harbour. The harbour has been awarded the prestigious Guest Harbour of the Year award in 2005 and 2014.

In addition to the broad selection of services available at the Uléninranta sailing centre, boaters can find additional services and shops in the inner harbour and town centre.

Kemi Sailing Society and Kemi Workers’ Sailing Club are responsible for the practical activities and services offered in the guest harbour. The technical services division of the City of Kemi is responsible for the maintenance of Ulén Marina and berth rental.


  • Location coordinates are 65.43.70 north latitude and 24.33.19 east longitude  
  • Harbour number 1964  
  • Nautical chart 855.59  
  • Depth 2.4 metres  
  • 18 guest berths   
  • The first two days: EUR 11.50 per day 
  • following days: EUR 6 per day