Why not go for a refreshing swim! In the spa-like swimming pool you can feel the revitalising effects of water and watch the rays of sunlight melt into the Bay of Bothnia.

The swimming pool includes five pools, a slide, a fixed climbing wall, four saunas and one on-demand sauna, as well as a gym. The spacious changing rooms with nursery facilities bring additional comfort to the experience.

There is also a cafeteria in the swimming pool.


Swimming time is 2 hours. During this time, you can access the pools and gym freely. When the two hours are over, the swimming pool closes after 30 minutes. 

There is a separate fee for participating in guided group classes.  

Remember other customers when using the gym and the hydromassage sections in pools. Make sure everyone gets the opportunity to use all the equipment. 

Wash thoroughly without a swimsuitbefore entering the pools. You cannot use a swimsuit in the sauna. If you have a permission badge, you can wear a swimsuit in the shower and sauna. 

Foot disinfection points are located on the way to and from the washrooms to the pool. 

Act calmly at the swimming pool. Running is strictly forbidden. 

Chewing gum and snus (chewing tobacco) are forbidden in the washrooms and pools. Please throw them in the bin before entering the washrooms. 

Avoid using strong perfumes and colognes inside the swimming pool, so that sensitive people and those with allergies can use the facilities safely. You cannot dye your hair or shave in the swimming pool facilities. 

You have to use a skin tight swimsuit in the pool. Shorts and swimming shorts are forbidden in Kemi’s swimming pool. You can rent a swimsuit at the reception. 

Children under the age of must pay for using the swimming pool. Children under the age of 7 can use either men’s or women’s changing rooms with their parents. Children over 7 must use the wash and changing rooms corresponding to their gender. We recommend practicing this before children start school. 

Children under the age of 7 that cannot swim or that require special care must be accompanied by a guardian or other carer, who will watch them in the swimming pool.