Kemi has six small marinas with about 650 mooring berths for rent. The Mansikkanokka and Hahtisaari marinas are located close to the town centre, as is the inner harbour, which is used by larger boats. Kuivanuoro marina is located in north Kemi and Paavonkari marina in the south.

Ulen marina, located close to the town centre, is primarily intended for sailing boats and motor sailors. The head of urban technology of Kemi City Council is in charge of assigning motor boat places in Ulen marina.

Ulen marina also includes guest mooring breaths, which are rented out by Kemi Sailing Club and Kemi Workers’ Sailing Club.

The city council’s Technical Services division is in charge of the town’s marina services.

Lehtovirmajuuri bloming. PHOTO: PENTTI KORPELA