The latest film about Kemi was premiered in May 2019. Emperor Alexander II comes to life in a short film celebrating the city’s 150th anniversary. Or is it all just a dream? 

A city council commissioning a short film is a rare occurrence. The last time it happened in Kemi was 50 years ago, in 1969, around the town’s 100th anniversary.

You can watch the film on the council’s Youtube channel.

Kemi’s 150-year anniversary film was directed and produced by Juho Tuovila from the media production company Advertigo.

The planning of the film started as early as 2017, two years before its premiere. The screenwriting team included about ten Kemi representatives, such as the theatre secretary Ismo Perkkiö who played Alexander II. Kemin Matkailu Oy was strongly involved in supporting the project. The screenplay was finalised by Tuovila.

Four films commissioned by Kemi Council 

The first film was made in 1939 by Aurora Film. It is about eight minutes long and you can also find it on the council’s Youtube channel.

The ‘Kemi – 100 years’ anniversary film from 1969 is available in the library as a VHS. This five-minute long short film made by Suomi-Filmi Oy was written by Armand Lohikoski and directed and filmed by Reijo Lås.

Kemi – Pohjoista väriä (‘Kemi – Northern colours’), made in 1970, also celebrates the town’s 100-year anniversary. This 16-minute long film directed by Valentin Vaala is also available in the library in VHS form. You can also find it online.

Kemi – Szekesfehervar (1979) was filmed using cine film and stored in the city’s archives. Szekesfehervar is Kemi’s twin city in Hungary.

Kemi in other short films

In 1963, Kemi played an important role in two short films.