Employment services provide personalised guidance and advice, as well as assessment of service needs and help in finding work or training opportunities. The aim of employment services is to increase the job-readiness of the long-term unemployed and to support employment in the open labour market. 

Employment Services 

  • Organise job coaching, rehabilitative work, job trials and employment in city units, et cetera, based on the individual needs and goals of job seekers.  
  • Collaborate with employers in order to find jobs for job seekers and help employers find suitable employees.  
  • Organise joint services that promote multidisciplinary employment together with the Employment and Economic Development Office and the Social Insurance Institution (Kela) of Finland.  

Kemi employment services offer free and personalised services, if

  • you are an unemployed job seeker living in Kemi and have been receiving labour market support due to unemployment for more than 300 days. 
  • you are over 30 years, living in Kemi, and a customer of a multidisciplinary service that promotes employment.