Youth work carried out by the City of Kemi includes organising leisure activities for young people and youth work in schools. Youth work is aimed at supporting the growth of young people in their different life situations and increasing joy and meaningful activities in their everyday lives.

The goals of youth work are to increase community spirit and prevent exclusion. We encourage youth integration and empowerment, as well as hobbies for young people. We also want to improve their growth and living conditions. Equality and non-discrimination are important principles in our activities. We work for young people and with young people.  

Youth work in Kemi is diverse and mobile. We are there to support young people. We collaborate in a multi-disciplinary way with others working with young people.  

Kemi Youth and Sports Office is located on the 7th floor of the town hall at Valtakatu 26. 

Puuhapaku is a van that carries out youth work in a mobile manner. Puuhapaku operates all over Kemi and brings young people meaningful activities to do in their free time. When Puuhapaku is parked somewhere, it is likely that a youth space has been set up next to it!  

Puuhapaku carries equipment for youth centre activities. Young people can request that the van visits a specific neighbourhood. 

You can also learn about the activities offered by Puuhapaku on social media. 

Siipi is a youth center for young people in Hepola, behind the Hepola school.  

In Siipi you can meet other young people, play games and participate in different activities. There are weekly activities in Siipi, including bingo and cooking classes. Different events are also organised on a monthly basis. 

Siipi also organises club activities for primary school children. These activities include a cooking club, activity club, and an exercise and girls’ club. 

Takitsu is a youth center for young people in Takajärvi. Youth workers are always present in the space.  

Takitsu often has guided activities from cooking to billiard and ping pong tournaments, based on visitors’ requests. 

For more information about activities, contact the youth centre or youth workers. Stay up to date and follow Kemi youth work on social media.