There are many business districts in Kemi, and the council’s Economic Development Office is involved in their development and marketing.
Kemin Teollisuuskylä Oy builds business sites for company use.


Kemintulli is a new business district on the south side of Kemi, 7 kilometres from the town centre. Kemintulli is in a logistically favourable location as it is right next to a motorway and interchanges.
Approximately 13.300 vehicles drive through the area daily.

Kemintulli covers an area of about 140 hectares and it can cater for about 70 companies and 800 jobs. In the legal town plan, the area is divided into blocks designated to commercial, industrial and warehouse buildings. Kemintulli also includes an area where it is possible for small entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of machinery to live on their business site.

Digipolis – Kemi Technology Park

Digipolis – Kemi Technology Park has been operating for about 20 years and it is the largest technology centre in Lapland. 40 companies and organizations including 500 employees operate within Digipolis. Digipolis also functions as a centre of education; 1.500 students attend the Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences and Lappia Vocational College.

Business Sites and Premises

The council’s Economic Development Office helps entrepreneurs find suitable working premises and sites. Kemi has a wide range of business premises suitable for different types of activities. There are suitable sites for both trade and industry.  Most of the vacant premises suitable for companies are located in Kemi’s business districts. You can find information regarding vacant premises on the Tonttitori website.

Entrepreneurs, companies and individuals can declare vacant premises in the Kemi area by filling in a declaration form. You can also call or send an

Declared vacant premises shall be registered as such for six months from the submission of the declaration form and removed thereafter, unless a renewal request is made

Declaring vacant premises is free.