Sauvosaari Sports Park and the inner harbour and Mansikkanokka beaches offer diverse sports services and activities for tourists, locals and people from the surrounding areas.  

There is also a full-sized football field and athletic field in the area. There is a service building on the edge of the field with a gym. You can practice football in the local training field. You can also find tennis and basketball courts in the area, as well as the new Urban Park and frisbee golf course. Every year, the Sauvosaari athletic field is used by about 75,000 visitors. A new auditorium has been installed in the back field. 

The indoor swimming pool also offers a wide range of recreational opportunities, from competitive sports to fitness swimming. The swimming pool has about a 150,000 visitors per year. In winter you use the ice swimming spot with changing rooms in the Sailing Club building. The beach is highly popular during the summer months and on hot days the sandy coast is filled with hundreds of locals and tourists coming from the nearby caravan park. At weekends, young people often get together on the beach.