Coordination project

Project bulletin 17.1.2022

City of Kemi is strengthening its response to the sudden structural change circumstances by a coordination project first defined in the Sudden Structural Change Strategy – Case Veitsiluoto detailed in June 2021.

The two-year coordination project supports the ongoing sudden structural change actions that commenced immediately after the Stora Enso Group’s announcement in April 2021 to close its paper mill in Veitsiluoto, Kemi. The project focuses on the stakeholder work by ensuring the strategy is carried out as planned. Additionally, the project ensures that all the information produced by the extensive SSC Kemi network is collected and shared efficiently particularly within the network but also distributed to a wider audience.

The coordination project aims also to compile the useful practices, solutions and tools used in SSC work and present them for the use of municipalities. The project operates in conjunction with the ongoing SSC Kemi projects.

Project name: Sudden Structural Change Case Veitsiluoto – Coordination project of sudden structural change strategy of Kemi Active: 1.11.2021-31.10.2023 Funding: 80 % Regional Council of Lapland AKKE-funding, 20 % City of Kemi. AKKE-appropriation supports sustainable growth and vitality in the regions. Project personnel: 1

More information: https://www.kemi.fi/en/working-and-entrepreneurs/sudden-structural-change/

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